Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and Economy

The Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and Economy is working towards an inclusive and sustainable world based on the conviction that a better world is reached when people serve each other’s interests. To this end we support innovative field projects and excellent scientific research within our themes Inclusiveness, Circular Economy and Humane Economy.

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The Goldschmeding Foundation supports initiatives that aim at society impact and research excellence.

programma Economie Onderwijs

Innovation Economics Education

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programma Prof. dr. Paul van Geest4

Ad Fontes: to the sources

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"We realise that the perfect society does not exist, but that does not absolve us from the duty to strive for it."

Frits Goldschmeding
Project Hoop als drijfveer - Prof. dr. Patrick Nullens

Hope as an incentive

Hope is awareness of the tension between reality and the ideal

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"To know, to serve and to trust form the basis of the ethical aspect of things in which love plays a role."

Jan Peter Balkenende

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Results of the Erasmus Competition and Innovation Monitor

Dutch companies resume investing heavily in research and development Research...

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Our dream

A world where love for one another counts. Agapè as a basis for decision-making at all levels brings about a better world for each other.

 our 100-year plan for a better world