About the foundation

Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and Economy is working towards a better world, in which people, work and the economy are in balance and strengthen one another. We do this based on our conviction that this can best be achieved by people working in each other’s interests. To this end, through donations, network backing and know-how, the Foundation supports both outstanding academic research and innovative practical projects that contribute towards an inclusive labour market, sustainable work and a humane economy.

The Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and Economy is named after initiator and founder Frits Goldschmeding. The Goldschmeding Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation and aims to contribute to a better world by thinking from the perspective of the other. We are convinced that the world becomes a better place if people and organisations act from the fundamental premise of helping each other. The Foundation wants to contribute to this by supporting projects that respond to important social issues regarding People, Work and Economy. The Goldschmeding Foundation supports initiatives that have a lasting impact on society and that are underpinned by excellent scientific research. The Goldschmeding Foundation doesn’t work with calls for proposals, it actively approaches and selects projects itself.

 Love or ‘agapè’ is central to the Goldschmeding Foundation

Love or ‘agapè’ is central to the Goldschmeding Foundation. This is the binding principle to act in the other’s interest. Society will benefit from people that think and act from the perspective of the other. Important to human relationships is ‘to know’, ‘to serve’ and ‘to trust’. The Goldschmeding Foundation supports initiatives that have lasting impact and are founded on excellent scientific research: ‘Society Impact & Research Excellence’.

Mission and Vision

We believe in love, ‘agapè’, as the pillar of a better society. Therefore, we support, till the end of time, initiatives that contribute to this within the triangle of people, work and economy. Work can provide a meaningful fulfilment of life. People, and the way in which we interact, are of influence to the value and beauty of life. Relationships and attention for each other form the basis for a sustainable economic development and a better world.

Our principles


To know, to serve and to trust are the result of the ethical aspect of all things in which love plays a role.


A company is seen as a cooperation in which the simultaneous promotion of interests of all directly and indirectly involved people ensure the continuity of the company.


Despite human imperfection, we want to pursue perfection in all our actions.

Our dream is a world in which love for one another counts

We realise that our dream is not easy to accomplish. Therefore, the Goldschmeding Foundation is founded with a 100-year perspective. We work backwards from achieving our dream. And we strive for perfection! Although the perfect society does not exist, we do not dismiss ourselves from the duty to strive for it.

We work backwards in a 100-year perspective

We work backwards in our 100-year perspective. We ask ourselves what the consequences of our mission and vision will be in the year 2115, a time span of three generations. The projects and programs that are initiated will have impact on different moments in our timeline. We believe that our basic principles 1. To know, to serve and to trust, 2. Simultaneous promotion of interests, and 3. Pursuit of perfection, are interwoven throughout the timeline and will still be the source of inspiration for the Goldschmeding Foundation after one hundred years.

  1. Agapè forms the basis for decision-making on all levels. The dream of the Goldschmeding Foundation, an economy based on love for each other, is realised!

  2. The Goldschmeding Foundation is an international platform for prominent academics, policy makers and companies. Ideas about People, Work and Economy are accessible to everyone.

  3. The mainstream economy is about love & happiness, wise decision making, and having meaningful relationships. In economy education the Homo economicus is replaced by the Homo sapiens.

  4. At the 100th birthday of our founder, the Goldschmeding Foundation is running at full speed in The Netherlands and abroad!

  5. The programs, projects and publications of the Goldschmeding Foundation make the difference. They inspire policy makers in government, companies and academics.

  6. The combination of research excellence & society impact are the key for wise investments, innovations and inspirations.

  7. The Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and Economy is founded.

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