The board

PROF. DR. Frits Goldschmeding

Prof. Dr.Frits Goldschmeding

  • Supervisory Board

“I asked myself the question what image of man was to underpin my enterprise and I searched for inspiration in science, philosophy and theology. There I found the DNA of the company and the basis for the Goldschmeding Foundation.”

Prof. dr.Jan Peter Balkenende

  • Supervisory Board

“I wholeheartedly support this initiative because it searches for a new connection between Economy and Ethics. New insights will contribute to essential innovations in economy, academic research and education.”

De heer Jacques van den Broek

Mr.Jacques van den Broek

  • Supervisory Board

“I like the fact that the ideology of Frits is secured in the Goldschmeding Foundation. Times have changed, but at heart we are not – that is beautiful to see.”

drs. Kitty Roozemond

Drs.Kitty Roozemond

  • Supervisory Board

“The long term approach and philosophy of the Goldschmeding Foundation supports opportunities for sustainable and productive relationships between people and work, people with each other and with their environment. It is a challenge and a privilege to be involved.”

Mevrouw Herna Verhagen

Mr. Drs.Herna Verhagen

  • Supervisory Board

“Issues at the intersection of people, work and economy have my special interest. A contribution to the foundation that promotes and funds research on these issues is a contribution to the success of our society.”

Michiel de Wilde - Goldschmeding Foundation

Michiel de Wilde MBA

  • The Board

“A wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the power of value-driven and strategic philanthropy: The support of system innovations that benefit future generations, shored by scientific research.”

Prof. mr. dr.Jaap Winter

  • Board of Trustees
  • The Board

“The Goldschmeding Foundation places people at the heart of society and economy and brings theory and practice together. That is essential in this time of great transformation.”

Prof. dr. Lans Bovenberg

Prof. Dr.Lans Bovenberg

  • Board of Trustees

“I Wholeheartedly support the Goldschmeding Foundation because it encourages discussion on current social issues between different sciences and between science and real life. The objective: a better world.”

Prof. dr. Govert Buijs

Prof. Dr.Govert Buijs

  • Board of Trustees

“The Goldschmeding Foundation is unique because it combines in-depth academic research with long term perspective on the promotion of human dignity and prosperity in economy and society. An inspirational working environment for creative and innovative ideas.”

Paul van Geest

Prof. Dr.Paul van Geest

  • Board of Trustees

“I have sympathy for the Goldschmeding Foundation because the meaning and objectives of people, their work and the economy are studied in their context and are reduced to the power of love.”

Stefan Stremersch - Goldschmeding Foundation

Prof. dr.Stefan Stremersch

  • Board of Trustees

“The Goldschmeding Foundation is committed to a better world from a holistic economic perspective, with an eye for excellence and based on trust as a basic attitude. There is nothing better than putting your weight behind that.”