Our 100-year perspective

From the 100-year perspective, we work backwards

We realise that our dream is not easy to accomplish. Therefore, the Goldschmeding Foundation is founded with a 100-year perspective. We work backwards from achieving our dream.

  1. Agapè forms the basis for decision-making on all levels. The dream of the Goldschmeding Foundation, an economy based on love for each other, is realised!

  2. The Goldschmeding Foundation is an international platform for prominent academics, policy makers and companies. Ideas about People, Work and Economy are accessible to everyone.

  3. The mainstream economy is about love & happiness, wise decision making, and having meaningful relationships. In economy education the Homo economicus is replaced by the Homo sapiens.

  4. At the 100th birthday of our founder, the Goldschmeding Foundation is running at full speed in The Netherlands and abroad!

  5. The programs, projects and publications of the Goldschmeding Foundation make the difference. They inspire policy makers in government, companies and academics.

  6. The combination of research excellence & society impact are the key for wise investments, innovations and inspirations.

  7. The Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and Economy is founded.

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