The Organisation

Bianca Nagtegaal - Goldschmeding Foundation

Bianca Nagtegaal

  • Personal Assistent / Office Manager

"The Goldschmeding Foundation and its partners put people first and approach the changing economy from an inclusiveness perspective. It is great to be part of the team of the foundation and our joint contribution."

Martijn RoosLL.M.

  • Project Manager

"It is a wonderful opportunity to participate in initiating a better world."

Birgitta Kramer - Goldschmeding Foundation

Birgitta KramerDrs.

  • Programmamanager Circulaire Economie

"Driven by the potential for innovation and cooperation, I look forward to - with our partners - contributing to the realization of a circular economy."

Peter Brouwer MSc.

  • Programme Manager Inclusive Labour Market

"An inclusive labour market is my ideal. At the Goldschmeding Foundation we contribute to this by combining fundamental scientific insights with innovative approaches in practice."

Leen Paape - Organisatie Goldschmeding Foundation

Prof. dr.Leen Paape

  • Supervisor

“The combination of theory and practice, and the subsequent creation of new insights which can help to build a better society: is there anything more beautiful than that?”

Wim Janse - organisatie Goldschmeding Foundation

Prof. dr.Wim Janse

  • Supervisor

“In today’s world we need leaders who are able to see issues from multiple perspectives, are motivated by love, and inspire trust. I fully support the Goldschmeding Foundation’s contribution to this type of leadership.”