Public Benefit Organisation

The Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and Economy (Goldschmeding Foundation)

The Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and Economy is a public benefit organisation (in Dutch ‘ANBI-Stichting’). The Goldschmeding Foundation was founded on 19 May 2015 in Bussum (RSIN 855194376). The email address of the Foundation is


Objectives of the foundation

The foundation aims to contribute to a better world through the promotion of public interest initiatives related to people, work and the economy. The foundation seeks to achieve this goal, along with others, by enabling scientific research, organising conferences and through the valorisation of research. The foundation aims to support ambitious research projects of academic institutions that improve society and the economy. Promoting academic knowledge in an entrepreneurial way (‘valorisation’) can contribute to renewing and sustaining the knowledge-based economy and can have great added value for people, society and business. The foundation is not interested in making a profit.

Organisation of the foundation

The Goldschmeding Foundation has a Supervisory Board, a Board, and a Curatorium. The Board is responsible for the day-to-day management of the foundation and reports to the Supervisory Board on the policies it pursues. The Curatorium is responsible for monitoring the scientific quality of the foundation’s programs and projects.

Supervisory Board

Prof. Dr. Frits Goldschmeding (Chairman)

Prof. Dr. Jan Peter Balkenende

Mr. Jacques van den Broek

Drs. Kitty Roozemond

Mr. Dr. Herna Verhagen


Drs. Piero Overmars (Chairman)

Prof. Mr. Dr. Jaap Winter (Treasurer & Secretary)


Prof. Dr. Lans Bovenberg

Prof. Dr. Govert Buijs

Prof. Dr. Paul van Geest

Prof. Dr. Stefan Stremersch

The members of the Supervisory Board, the Board and the Curatorium do not receive a salary for their work. Travel, accommodation and related expenses are compensated within reason.  Members may be granted a non-excessive attendance allowance.

Resources of the Foundation

The foundation’s funding comes from donations.

Management of Resources

The foundation’s funds are managed by the Board of the Foundation.

Outline of the strategy

The Foundation provides financial support to activities which are divided into a limited number of (multi-year) programs and (short term) projects. In 2015 a five year Chair agreement was formed with the University of Tilburg and the VU University of Amsterdam. A number of scientific research projects will be executed in 2016. Commitments with other parties have a maximum duration of five years after which an extension is possible. The Foundation’s approach is to actively seek out and select projects.