Public Benefit Organisation


Name of the institution

Statutory name: Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and Economy
Name as known to the public: Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and Economy

RSIN / tax number

RSIN-number: 855194376

Contact details of the institution

Link to the contact page of the foundation

Objective of the ANBI

  1. The foundation aims to contribute to a better world through the promotion of public interest initiatives related to people, work and the economy in the broadest sense.
  2. The foundation seeks to achieve this goal, along with others, by enabling scientific research, organising conferences and through the valorisation of research.
  3. The object excludes making payments to the founders of the Foundation or to those who are part of the Foundation’s organs.
  4. The Foundation is non-profit.
  5. The objectives must be implemented in such a way that the Foundation complies with the laws and regulations with regard to public benefit institutions within the meaning of the General Law on State Taxes or a regulation that has replaced them.


Main points of the policy plan

The Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and Economy works towards an inclusive and sustainable society based on the conviction that a better world can be created when people serve each other’s interests. The Foundation pursues this goal by providing financial gifts and non-financial support for the implementation of innovative practical projects and excellent scientific research. The Foundation uses a proactive approach and approaches and selects its partners itself. The Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and Economy is a capital fund and does not pursue an active fundraising policy. The Foundation promotes the quality of its partnerships and the social outcome of the beneficiary organizations through an active involvement in the planning, monitoring and evaluation of projects. More details about the policy can be found in the annual reports of the Foundation that are published on the website.

Function of the directors

The board has the following statutory functions: chairman, secretary and treasurer. One person can fulfill several functions.

Names of the directors

– Aart de Geus (chairman of the board)
– Prof. mr. dr. Jaap Winter (secretary)
– Drs. Michiel de Wilde (treasurer)

Remuneration Policy

In order to be able to bind qualified employees with the necessary professional knowledge and skills to the Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and Economy, the Foundation offers market-based salaries. The salaries of the staff are determined on the basis of education, experience and job weight.

Board members may receive a non-excessive attendance fee and expense allowance for their policy-making activities. Board members who also perform executive activities are awarded a remuneration that is in line with the market in view of their expertise and experience and the personal network they make available to the Foundation.

The Goldschmeding Foundation’s remuneration policy for People, Work and Economy is in line with the applicable laws and regulations.

Current report of the activities carried out

The project portfolio focuses on the three strategic themes ‘Inclusive Labour Market’, ‘Circular Economy’ and ‘Humane Economy’. More details about the supported projects can be found in the annual reports of the Foundation which are published on the website.

Financial responsibility

Read the most recent annual report for:

– Statement of income and expenditure and an explanation thereof
– Financial overview of the actual expenditure per theme
– Overview of the intended expenditure and an explanation thereof.