Inclusive Labour Market

towards a labour market in which all those who are able and willing make a contribution to society (‘work’) that enables them to earn a good living

The Goldschmeding Foundation believes that in a better world, everyone can participate. After all, the better world is not just for a select group of people in society. As the Goldschmeding Foundation focuses on the fields of People, Work and the Economy, we are interested in the ways that people can participate in the economy through work. We focus in particular on the economic self-reliance of people, achieved by means of doing work. This is the focus of the Inclusive Labour Market programme.

We seek to help in particular those people who are less likely to find or keep a job. We support the development of proven effective approaches that help ensure that everyone is able to participate in work in a way that suits their ambitions and abilities. Achieving an inclusive labour market also requires employers who want to give diverse talent a chance. We want to make employers aware of the need for everyone to be able to be themselves and continue to develop. We support employers in this by developing and offering effective methods for an inclusive human resources policy. In the inclusive labour market, employers and potential recruits find each other on the basis of competences. Legislation and regulations may have a stimulating effect in this respect. When we see in practice that policy is actually proving a hindrance, we will point this out and help devise better approaches.

The connection between the impact objectives and the various phases in the change paths is illustrated in the Theory of Change. Read here a detailed explanation of our working method and how we apply the Theory of Change in that method.

The projects we support are divided into four change paths:


Listen to the podcast with Peter Brouwer, programme manager Inclusieve Arbeidsmarkt

Podcast - Inclusieve Arbeidsmarkt - Peter Brouwer - Goldschmeding FoundationWant to know more about the ambitions and challenges of the Inclusive Labour Market programme and how the team and our partners are interpreting and implementing the Theory of Change? Listen to the podcast with Peter Brouwer, Inclusive Labour Market programme manager.

Listen to the podcast (NL)