Lab for Future Generations opens Counter for the Future

The Lab Future Generations (LabTG) strives to include the wellbeing of future generations in important decisions. In the Netherlands and in the rest of the world. The decisions we make every day affect the generations yet to be born. The Lab wants to ensure that future generations also have a place at our table and that their interests are taken into account in important decisions.

In the Lab, experiments are being conducted and new methodologies are being developed. The Lab team does this, together with partners and network relations. With scientists in the Salon of the Future, with young people and interested parties from various backgrounds in the Future Council. They examine issues that are important for future generations, on which the Acting Ombudsperson for Future Generations makes a decision. The first issue concerns the Wadden Sea and is expected in September.

Counter for the Future
The LabTG recently launched its website, which contains all information about the Lab and its working method. With the arrival of the new website, the Counter for the Future has also been opened. A digital counter, where anyone can submit a matter. What keeps you awake at night? What issue should the Lab really investigate from the perspective of future generations? Fill in the form on the website and who knows, maybe your issue will become the next one for the acting Ombudsperson to consider!