Prof. dr.Frits Goldschmeding

  • Chairman Supervisory Board

"I asked myself what image of man was to underpin my enterprise and I searched for inspiration in science, philosophy and theology. There I found the DNA of the company and the basis for the Goldschmeding Foundation."

Robert Jan van de Kraats

Robert Jan van de Kraats RA

  • Vice Chairman Supervisory Board

“People in combination with work & economy largely form the basis for our further thinking and acting. It is a great privilege to be involved as a supervisor in the projects in this field by the foundation."

drs. Kitty Roozemond

Drs.Kitty Roozemond

  • Supervisory Board

"The long term approach and philosophy of the Foundation supports opportunities for sustainable and productive relationships between people and work, with each other and with their environment. It's a privilege to be involved

De heer Jacques van den Broek

Mr.Jacques van den Broek

  • Supervisory Board

"I like the fact that the ideology of Frits is secured in the Goldschmeding Foundation. Times have changed, but at heart we are not – that is beautiful to see."

Mevrouw Herna Verhagen

Mr. Drs.Herna Verhagen

  • Supervisory Board

"Issues at the intersection of people, work and economy have my special interest. A contribution to the foundation that promotes and funds research on these issues is a contribution to the success of our society."

Goldschmeding Foundation - Aartjan de Geus

Mr.Aart de Geus

  • Chairman of the board

"Growing inequalities and the depletion of nature must be turned around – in economic thinking and acting. New insights are needed, as well as appealing practical examples. That motivates me to contribute to the foundation.”

Liselotte Pesch - Pasfoto - Goldschmdeing Foundation

Mr.Liselotte Pesch

  • Board Secretary - Manager Operations

"It feels like a privilege to be able to contribute to achieving a better world in which people, work and economy are in balance, reinforced by the idea that we strive for this based on concern for others."

Prof. Dr. Janka Stoker - pasfoto

Prof. Dr.Janka Stoker

  • Board

“Our society faces huge challenges around the themes of people, work and economy. It is an honour to deliver a meaningful contribution to this, with ambitious projects at the interface between science and practice.”

Bianca Nagtegaal - Goldschmeding Foundation

Bianca Nagtegaal

  • Personal Assistant

“The Goldschmeding Foundation and its partners put people first and approach the changing economy from an inclusive perspective. How nice it is to contribute together with the foundation team to this cause.”

Mariëlle Kakebeeke - Ruijgrok

Drs.Mariëlle Kakebeeke - Ruijgrok

  • Communications manager

"Inspired by the 100-year perspective, the inclusive and sustainable economy based on love for others, I feel privileged to contribute to the visibility and impact of the Goldschmeding Foundation"

Birgitta Kramer - Goldschmeding Foundation

Drs.Birgitta Kramer

  • Programmanager Circular Economy

"Driven by the potential for innovation and collaboration, I look forward to contributing - with our partners - to the realization of a circular economy."

Magdalena Matei - pasfoto - Goldschmeding Foundation

MAMagdalena Matei

  • Project Manager Circular Economy

"A great opportunity to actually advance the circular economy, together with our progressive partners from four different change areas: research, business, education and government."

Suzanne Ekel Programmamanager Menswaardige Economie

Drs. Suzanne Ekel

  • Programmanager Humane Economy

"I am going from the transition to a meaningful, humane economy, aimed at the prosperity and well-being of people. Compassionate and people-oriented leadership is a key in this and I am happy to commit myself to this."

Jan van Wijngaarden - Pasfoto - Goldschmdeing Foundation

Drs.Jan van Wijngaarden

  • Project Manager Humane Economy

"A humane society with an economy in which the flourishing of people is central, is an inspiring perspective. Great to be able to work on this within the Goldschmeding Foundation."

Drs.Peter Brouwer

  • Programmanager Inclusive Labour Market

"An inclusive labor market is my ideal. At the Goldschmeding Foundation, we contribute to this by combining fundamental scientific insights with innovative approaches in practice."

Michelle van Toor

MAMichelle van Toor

  • Project manager Inclusive Labour Market

"An inclusive labour market is not an end in itself, but a means to a resilient, innovative and humane labour market. Feel the difference."