Lab Future Generations

Giving future generations a voice so that their interests are firmly anchored in society

The interests of future generations are currently not safeguarded in the Netherlands. Government and business are hardly guided by the long-term effects of their decisions on people who have yet to be born. The Future Generations Lab wants to change this so that the society in which these generations end up is inclusive and sustainable.

The initiators of the Lab want it to be normal in 2025 for the interests of future generations to be taken into account in decisions. To achieve this, this project aims, among other things, to formalize Future Generations in an Ombudsperson and ideally embed them in the law. Until then, the Lab fulfills this function. Incidentally, such an Ombudsperson already exists in countries such as Israel, New Zealand and Finland.

Issues that affect future generations
Everyone should be able to turn to the Future Generations Ombudsperson with questions and complaints that affect future generations. With the Future Council to be established, which will consist of people from a broad layer of society, the Ombudsperson will examine which issues that have arisen are important for future generations. In this way, the Ombudsperson can work in a sustainable and inclusive way.


“We want by 2025 awareness of the interests of future generations – that is, the next seven generations – to be achieved among the majority of citizens, institutions, companies, government and media in the Netherlands. This should then become visible in the daily behavior of citizens, in verifiable policy goals at companies and institutes and in regulations and policy considerations at the government. ”

– Jan van de Venis, acting Ombudsperson for Future Generations.


Based on research, in most cases on specific issues, the Future Generations Lab takes action, for example by issuing a warning or by proposing a solution. The Future Generations Lab also wants to ensure that the right to a sustainable and inclusive society and a clean living environment are included in the Dutch Constitution.

The Future Generations Lab aims to raise awareness about future generations in the Netherlands and worldwide. The Lab is a place where experiments are carried out and methods are developed. Methods with which they can explore, test and put issues on the agenda. The Lab then tests on the basis of a number of fixed criteria whether an issue is suitable for treatment. For example, the relevance to society, the ethical aspects (inspired in part by the Earth Charter, Earth Charter), the feasibility of the issue, the expected effect, accessibility for the public and the importance for future generations are considered.


For the best possible future

De volgende generaties
You can’t hear them
you can’t see them
and yet we often talk about them

The future is closer than you think

Connected to our past, we look ahead
Seven generations to be precise
Together with scientists, future councils and an ombudsperson,
we give everyone who has yet to be born a voice, a face and a place at our table

This is how the future makes itself heard
and we make new agreements
With the government, the business community,
citizens, institutions and media

Wherever it is needed,
and everyone participates

… for the best possible future.


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Marga Boneschansker
Marga Boneschansker Project Manager