National ThinkTank 2018 – Circular Economy

How do we accelerate the transition to a circular metropolis?

To ensure that future generations can live in a sustainable world, the transition to a circular economy is essential. At the moment, this turnaround is moving too slowly. It is important to accelerate the transition so that the economy makes a positive contribution to biodiversity, to lower CO 2 emissions and to better wellbeing for people.

The Netherlands is an urbanized country. The population of the four major cities is expected to continue to grow in the coming decades. Cities are therefore important players in the transition to a circular economy.


“We see that young thinkers are ideally suited to provide tough social issues with concrete solutions, to make a different sound heard and to accelerate practical breakthroughs.”

– Eva Bik, director of the National Think Tank.


For the 2018 National Think Tank of 2018, twenty students, recent graduates and PhD students worked for four months innovative and practical solutions for this social issue. They were assisted in this by experts from science, government and industry.

The solutions can be found in the <final report “The highest circulari time”. This includes a take-back platform, with which consumers can easily return old electronics to the producer. They are thus tempted to design their products circularly.

Another solution is called SpaCE. At the beginning of 2019, pilots with this teaching package will start at four primary schools in the municipalities of Rotterdam and Haarlemmermeer. Via an online learning environment, pupils from grade seven of primary school will learn the ins and outs of raw materials and cycles for four weeks.

Circular economy

A circular economy is an economic system based on minimizing resource use by reusing products, parts and high-quality raw materials. It is a system of closed cycles in which products lose their value as little as possible (reduce, reuse, recycle), renewable energy sources are used and systems thinking is central.

Nationale DenkTank 2018
Eva Bik - DenkTank 2017 - Goldschmeding Foundation
Eva Bik Director of the National Think Tank Foundation