New technology & inclusivity

More people in work through inclusive technology

Even in times of economic growth and progress, it is not for all people to get or stay in work. This is certainly not self-evident for people with an occupational disability. In the Netherlands, the number of people with an occupational disability is estimated at 3 million, of which only 29% are employed. However, new technology offers opportunities to support people in finding and keeping suitable work.

Tailoring technology to people’s needs
Many technological applications around work are being developed worldwide, but these are often not tailored to the needs of people with disabilities. To get more people with an occupational disability to work, applications are needed that are specifically aimed at removing obstacles. This project aims to gain more knowledge about the effects of technology on people, businesses and society.

“In order to actually achieve impact with inclusive technology, we need to put people with their limitations and competences more central in the design of applications. ”
– Prof. Michiel de Looze

The research starts from literature and internet research and is supplemented with concrete results from the practical application of new technology in four pilots within companies. In order to increase the impact, the results of the research are widely shared with employers, interest groups and politicians.

At the end of the project, there is applicable knowledge about the possibilities and effects of inclusive technology. In addition to the technological possibilities, this project focuses on the importance and necessity of the social role that entrepreneurs have in this. Every person and every talent counts. By working on inclusive employment practices, we develop an inclusive labor market, in which people with disabilities can also optimally participate. The project thus also has a broader economic perspective: if the project is successful, employers will gain access to untapped potential on the labor market and ultimately more people will be able to find sustainable work.