Platform Over 50s & Work

Optimization of labor market participation among the over 50s

In the Netherlands, the employment rate of over-50s has increased in recent years from more than 28% in 1994 to 52% in 2016. Despite this increase, the group of over-50s is still often behind the younger group of people who belong to the (potential) working population. The biggest labor market problem for the over-50s is the relatively long unemployment rate among this group: 40% of the long-term unemployed are over 50 years old. In order to absorb the costs of an aging population and to maintain the labor supply, it is important to increase participation. But that is not the only reason, the target group itself has an enormous interest in labor participation. Work contributes to well-being, provides an income, gives structure to a day, offers social interaction and ensures satisfaction and appreciation. This project is aimed at setting up a platform of interested organizations and parties to jointly look at the labor market issue of the target group over 50s.


Approach & method
The project focuses on three themes: awareness, getting to work and retaining work. Based on desk research and consultation with experts, more specific focus areas are defined within these themes, after which alliances are formed and projects started. The platform specifically looks for projects that have already proven their effectiveness or that have a new innovative approach.

The Platform will evaluate and monitor each project, gaining knowledge about the effective and most effective elements. In this way, new initiatives can learn from and build on existing knowledge. The aim of the Platform is to allow successful projects to grow and to ensure that their approach and method are safeguarded by the organizations involved, so that future generations can also benefit from it.

This project contributes to the development of an inclusive labor market through a broad focus on the target group, employers and society as a whole. For example, the focus is on the full labor participation of people over 50.

Photo header: Marcus Castro

Martijn van Endt Project Manager