Platform the Future of Labor (FINALISED)

Better structuring the labor market, education and social security for broad prosperity for everyone

In order to achieve greater prosperity and more well-being for everyone in the Netherlands, changes to the labor market, education and social security are necessary. The Platform de Toekomst van Arbeid wants to initiate this change.

In addition to unemployment among large groups of Dutch people, many people who do have a job experience their future as insecure, self-employed people for example. In practice, changing employers or sectors often does not go smoothly. In addition, education inequality is increasing, while the low-educated, compared to the highly educated, learn little in their work environment.

New solutions
Platform de Toekomst van Arbeid wants to change this by helping to find new solutions. To this end, the Platform will conduct research into relevant trends in learning, working and insurance in the Netherlands and into the reasons why social decision-making (the ‘polder model’) around these themes no longer seems to work.

The Platform also examines which good elements in systems of learning, working and insurance from other countries can be used by the Netherlands. In order to actually implement these ideas, the Platform is ultimately committed to a “new social agreement” between all stakeholders.

”We have lost sight of the value of work in the Netherlands. The labor market is now tight, and at the same time millions of people are out of work, often against their will. That should be possible smarter. The Platform will help with this by devising and disseminating good ideas about education, the labor market and social security”.

– Frank Kalshoven, director of the Argument Factory

The starting group of the Platform de Toekomst van Arbeid consists of board members and directors of ABU, Cedris, UWV Werkbedrijf, Goldschmeding Foundation, MBO Council, NRTO, AWVN and Aart van der Gaag, Fred van Haasteren and Hans Kamps. Everyone is in the starting group in a personal capacity. The Arguments Factory facilitates the start-up of the Platform and carries out the exploratory studies with the help of a large and diverse group of experts.

Publication: vision of the ideal Netherlands
In the past year, the Platform has analyzed the current situation in the Netherlands regarding learning, working and insurance. The Netherlands scores well on many fronts, but the belief is that it can and must be done better. A vision of the ideal Netherlands has been developed with input from more than a hundred people. A vision that can be described as a dream or an ideal image and with which a movement can be set in motion. But we are not there yet. Because the realization is the challenge we face and meaningful steps must be taken towards optimizing the value of work.

Download the publication here (pdf)

Photo header: S. Bhaskara Rao

Jenny Kossen Project leader the Future of Labor