Publication ‘Driven by Hope’

‘Driven by Hope: economics and theology in dialogue’ – edited by Steven van den Heuvel and Patrick Nullens

The book Driven by Hope focuses on the central human experience of ‘hope’. In particular, it seeks to further a dialogue on this theme between theology and economics –but it also contains input from philosophy and psychology. The volume is the result of an international conference on the theme.

The first chapter describes hope as a phenomenon with seven dimensions – it also introduces the Hopebarometer 1.0, a psychometric instrument to measure these dimensions. The other thirteen chapters of the book are grouped in three parts. The first part, ‘Economic Perspectives’, focuses on the question how the study of hope can be appropriated more fully in the discipline of economics. The second part, ‘theological Perspectives’, investigates hope from a theological point of view, and seeks to integrate this with an economic understanding of hope. The third and last part, ‘Case Studies’, focuses on the role of hope in specific practices. The book can be ordered at Peeters Publishers.

Hope as an Incentive: An Interdisciplinary Research Project
Recognizing the importance as well as the multifaceted nature of ‘hope’ has been the primary motivation of the research project ‘Hope as an Incentive’, of which this volume is one of the results. This project, which commenced in January 2016, seeks to break new ground in the conceptual clarification of ‘hope’, as well as in studying the effects of hope in practical contexts. Based on current ‘best practices’, the aim of this project has beento develop a hope-barometer: guidelines for measuring hope in practice. This barometer, which is more fully introduced in the first chapter of this volume, can for example be used to conduct research on the relation between hope and human wellbeing.