Sustainable Work

towards a way of working that contributes to a future-proof and resilient economy

The Goldschmeding Foundation believes that a better world for current and future generations will become possible when we implement sustainable principles in the way we work. This will ensure that we can respond with resilience to a number of transitions that are changing the work we do. For example, the impact of changing demographics or of the energy transition.

As these transitions are occurring simultaneously and affect all layers of society, we see that existing jobs are changing and new jobs are emerging. Examples are the consequences of an ageing population, working with recycled raw materials and technological innovation. We need new skills, business models, policies and new forms of entrepreneurship to cope successfully with the changes in employment.

It is our broad goal to further develop sustainable work in the Netherlands. To this end, we support workers, entrepreneurs and employers in the transition to a future-proof and resilient economy.

In order to specify the route to achieving our impact goal, we have described a ‘change path’ for each programme, for workers, entrepreneurs and policymakers. We do not follow these paths ourselves; we look for project partners who can bring about these changes. We support our partners with financial resources as well as with our knowledge, experience and networks.

The connection between the impact objectives and the various phases in the change paths is illustrated in the Theory of Change. Read here a detailed explanation of our working method and how we apply the Theory of Change in that method.

The projects we support are divided into four change paths:


Listen to the podcast with Birgitta Kramer, Sustainable Work programme manager

Podcast - Duurzaam Werk - Birgitta Kramer - Goldschmeding FoundationWant to know more about the ambitions and challenges of the Sustainable Work programme and how the team and our partners are interpreting and implementing the Theory of Change? Listen to the podcast with Birgitta Kramer, Sustainable Work programme manager.

Listen to the podcast (NL)