Vision and mission

The Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and Economy is working towards an inclusive and sustainable world based on the conviction that a better world is reached when people serve each other’s interests. To this end we support innovative field projects and excellent scientific research within our themes Inclusive Labour Market, Circular Economy and Humane Economy.

The mission of our founder

Sharing interests is necessary, but by no means commonplace. A better world does not just happen. The Goldschmeding Foundation is inspired by the Greek term “agapè”: that is freely translated the “commitment to the blossoming of the other”. By putting yourself in the shoes of the other and thinking from the perspective of the other’s interests, a better society is created.

The Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and Economy is named after the initiator and founder Frits Goldschmeding, who gave us a long-term horizon and the means to fulfill this assignment. We do not focus on all aspects of this better world, but specifically on the themes of People, Work and Economy. In this world Frits Goldschmeding has accomplished a lot; it is also in this world that we want to develop and propagate his ideas. Frits’ motto to have the interests of the other in the picture is: know – serve – trust. In the “Blauwe Boekje” you can read more about the background of the values that are central to the Goldschmeding Foundation.

  1. A better world is an inclusive and sustainable world in which people have an eye for shared interests and the economy develops within the limits of our planet.
  2. Knowing, serving and trusting are the outworking of the ethical aspect of things in which love plays a part.
  3. We see the company as a partnership in which the simultaneous advocacy guarantees the continuity of the company of those directly and indirectly involved.
  4. Despite human imperfection, those involved are expected to strive for perfection in their actions.



To achieve a better world for People, Work and Economy, the Goldschmeding Foundation focuses on an Inclusive Labour Market, a Circular Economy and a Humane Economy. You will find the concrete objectives in the three programs. We identify the social problem that deserves attention for each program and each project, and then look at how you can make a difference with innovative practical projects and excellent scientific research.